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On May 30th, 2023

Keep Up with the Cloud for Remote Working Trends


Getting a flexible and scalable infrastructure is crucial for making remote work efficient. And with the cloud, team members also get a streamlined process to access and manage all of their data, applications, and services from anywhere they have an internet connection. If you want to keep up with the remote working trends, aligning with the cloud is definitely the way to go.

Key Benefits of Working with the Cloud

There are all types of cloud service providers. You can think of them as data centers. They consist of powerful servers, storage systems, and networking equipment to help you avoid the hassle of maintaining key infrastructure pieces on your own site.

What’s more, your cloud resources can be easily scaled up or down to meet the changing needs of remote work. Cloud providers offer on-demand computing resources, allowing businesses to add or reduce server capacity, storage, or software licenses based on usage requirements, so you can stay cost-efficient.

Along with that, the cloud also opens the doors to creating more dynamic options for your work environments. The right solution can empower remote workers to be more productive and collaborate effectively, while still having the freedom to work from anywhere. That alone can help companies attract top talent. Without the limitations of working at one site, you’ll be able to give team members more flexibility with their work schedules, and even where they live! Everyone can access a fully functional desktop environment hosted in the cloud, including their applications, files, and settings.

The best cloud service providers will also prioritize security and implement measures to protect your data. They employ encryption, authentication, and access control mechanisms to safeguard information. This is especially important for organizations dealing with sensitive data.

Using the cloud goes hand in hand for lowering your liability. Regular data backups and redundancy across multiple data centers help ensure data availability. In the event of any hardware failures or onsite damage to your systems, say from a terrible storm, the cloud will have all of your digital records and info accessible. You’re essentially eliminating the risk of loss.

The Power of Business Softphones

The other side of the cloud and working remotely has to do with business softphones. These provide a software-based solution for making and receiving phone calls over the internet. Users can make and receive phone calls using their computers, laptops, smartphones, or tablets. So not only is it convenient, it can also significantly reduce, or even eliminate, the costs of long-distance or international call charges.

Because softphones leverage VoIP technology to make calls over the internet, team members can stay connected and accessible even when away from their physical office. This mobility and flexibility are particularly valuable, and when paired with advanced call management features, you can really get to leverage your service.

For example, some softphones offer additional features like call recording, call analytics, and integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems. These tools are great for enhancing productivity and improving customer service. But of course, integration is key.

Your Local Telecomm Company Can Help

Companies that are ready to set up their cloud-based platforms can find support with an experienced telecommunications team. You need a robust and reliable network infrastructure to support any cloud-based operations. Partner with your local experts to make sure everything is on track for success!

If you’re based in Southwestern Idaho or Eastern Oregon, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Enhanced Telecommunications and Data. We can help you assess your current setup, and then design a cloud solution that can deliver exactly what you need. Just send us a message to start the conversation.

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