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On April 24th, 2019

Cell Problems? Your Business Might Need a Booster Signal

In this mobile and digital age, we don’t always take business calls at our desk. If we’re on the go around town or even just moving about the office, it sometimes makes more sense to whip out your cell phone. Unfortunately, not even building setup is equipped to offer good service.

There are a lot of factors in play for our cell phone service. Even with the latest advances in telecommunications, we don’t always have ideal coverage. Your desktop phone systems might work just fine, but you might be getting weak signals for your cell. That’s where a signal booster can help. If you keep experiencing dropped calls or problematic sound quality around your business location, it might be time to consider some upgrades to your site.

Reasons for a Signal Booster

There are a few different reasons why your building could benefit from a cell phone signal booster. The most obvious one is distance. If your location is just barely in range of the nearest cellular tower, you’re going to run into some issues. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to relocate. A new booster signal could be your easy fix.

Another reason to look into cell phone booster is when different obstacles are interfering with your signal. These can be present outside or inside your building. Ideally, you would have a clear line between your site and the cell tower for the radio waves. But this is rarely the case. Lots of trees, other buildings, and even hills or mountains might be disrupting your signal. Your building’s internal structure could also be at fault. Thick concrete or radiant barriers, as well as electronic clutter, could be giving you a weak or blocked signal from the tower.

Getting Booster Signals for Business

Before you commit to getting a booster signal for your site, you might want to run a quick test. Not every location will benefit from cell phone boosters. If you find a spot outside that has good reception for you though, you might be in luck.

Compare the bad reception inside your building with an area outside that gives you a usable signal. When you’re able to get better reception outdoors, there’s a good chance that a booster signal can help. But the booster might not be worth the investment if you’re still having problems with your cell coverage. You need the signal to be strong enough to actually “boost.” With nothing to work with, the signal booster could just be a flop.

Your Cell Phone Booster Setup

You’ll also want to check your reception outside to help with your equipment installation. That area where you get a decent signal will likely be the ideal place for your phone booster’s tower antenna. When you identify a reliable signal, you’ll be well on your way to getting better reception indoors, too.

Of course, your system needs to be properly installed. Signal boosters that aren’t set up correctly can interfere with the wireless networks in your area. That’s a big problem for emergency calls, so you’ll need to work with an experienced contractor.

The layout and square footage of the area you’re trying to cover will also determine the type of antenna you’ll need to use outside. You’ll need to make sure you’re using the right amplifier for your coverage. If your signal outside is still pretty weak, you’ll need a stronger phone booster.

Along with that, your telecommunications contractor should also review your carrier options with you. Not all signal boosters work with all phones. They can only amplify specific frequencies that match with different carriers. Getting these details right will you’re your system start working without a hitch. If you’re in the Enhanced Telecommunications and Data service area, feel free to give us a call! Our team would be happy to help.

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