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On September 30th, 2022

3 Business Strategies for Productive On-Hold Scripts


Providing great customer service needs to happen every step of the way. Often this starts with that initial phone call. The right etiquette helps set companies up for success, and strategic on-hold scripts can help set the right tone.

The Best On-Hold Script Solutions for Companies

While it’s always better to answer calls and be able to serve clients and customers right away, it just isn’t feasible for that to happen every time. But with the right format for your company’s on-hold script, you can help keep that downtime at a minimum, and even make it productive!

1. Answer the most common questions

Even when you need to put a caller on-hold, it’s still possible to give them the information they need. Being on-hold doesn’t need to be about listening to a loop of classical music. Some industries can take the strategy of providing additional details about their service offerings or upcoming changes to their hours with their on-hold system.

2. Integrate with an automated attendant

Another way to make the on-hold process more productive is to give callers the option to redirect their own call. They may have called the front desk or main office because they didn’t know the right extension. But if your on-hold script can run through those options, then they can often connect with the right party themselves, which helps free up time for the rest of your staff.

3. Write things out and stay concise

Before recording your on-hold script, it’s important to take the time to edit. You still want to provide all of the information that can be most beneficial to your callers, but keep the content as short as possible. Even removing a couple of sentences or a few words in a script helps make the on-hold time more professional and organized. Along with that, companies should be sure to record multiple versions of their script. Gathering the input from others in the office can help make your setup as good as it can be.

Business Phone Solutions—from Start to Finish

Once you have the framework figured out for how your company’s on-hold script will be structured, it’s time to make sure you have the right telecommunications technology in place to continue keeping your operations running smoothly. That’s how Enhanced Telecommunications and Data can help!

Whether you’re setting up the system for the first time or just ready to incorporate an automated attendant into your existing process, come strategize with our team. We configure business phone solutions for companies of all sizes and structures.

Got employees working remotely? Is everyone housed in one office? Or a combination of both? We can work together to custom-design the best business phone solution to help streamline everyone’s workload. Our partnership with Allworx business phones and experience setting up VoIP communications systems line up perfectly to give you the best technology—at an affordable rate.

Please feel free to send us a message during any stage of your setup process. Then we can conduct an analysis of your existing business telecommunications systems and outline some new options to give your entire team a better upgrade. Call now to learn more: (208) 947-3900.

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