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On January 12th, 2021

ETD’s Boise Office Security—Now Meet Home Surveillance

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Whether your workplace is a private office building or more of a public space with people coming and going, at some point or another, you’ll want to have systems in place to restrict and monitor access. Outside of your work hours, you can’t have just anyone wandering around your property. You might even be interested in setting boundaries on when your own employees can enter. That’s why modern commercial security solutions are so important.

Companies have been calling on our team at Enhanced Telecommunications and Data for years when they need to maintain or upgrade their existing access control and video surveillance systems. Recently, we’ve even added residential video surveillance to our service offerings. Here, we’ll review some of the top benefits for each.

Are You Keeping Your Workplace Protected?

Business owners and HR departments work hard to only hire the best of the best. But just because you trust your employees, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have clear parameters and boundaries for site access. Some industries have strict compliance orders—think healthcare or other privacy concerns—and only authorized individuals should be able to access specific areas where records might be held. The same goes for manager or C-suite office spaces. Those professionals need to keep their rooms private.

Access control helps to address all of these concerns. Perhaps more importantly, though, it also gives your team peace of mind that people who aren’t connected with your organization won’t be able to enter unannounced. You can have keypads installed, supply team members with entry badges, use elevator controls, and more.

Every location is unique, so it’s about finding the solutions that make the most sense for how you work. For a truly comprehensive system, many companies will also consider adding video surveillance. If an incident ever occurs, they would then have valuable evidence to share with the law enforcement and public safety professionals. It’s just another layer of security for commercial site. And when you think about these benefits, it’s only natural to rethink your own setup too.

Home Security with Video Surveillance

By applying our experience with business access control and surveillance camera installation to the residential world, we’re helping to give homeowners the professional insights they need to cover their home from every angle.

It all starts with a careful site review. Then we can put together a plan for how to address your entire property to best ensure nothing would get missed. One of motivating factors for getting home video surveillance cameras installed is that they can actually serve as their own deterrent for potential problems. If someone were to notice the cameras, they’d likely know right away that there would be too much risk to mess around on your property. Getting ahead of these situations with a reliable system just makes common sense. It’s like the old adage goes. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

When you realize it’s time to make a change for your own home and family, please know that Enhanced Telecommunications is here to help! We proudly serve both commercial and residential video surveillance clients throughout Boise, Idaho and the Treasure Valley, and we also have a service area radius beyond that. Feel free to give us a call at (208) 947-3900 if you’d like to schedule a site review. Or you can send us a message with any questions to learn more about the next steps!

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