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On November 8th, 2022

The Best Products to Protect with EAS Security Tags

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Whether you’re running a local brick and mortar shop or a big-box chain store, retail business owners all face similar concerns with shoplifting losses. Fortunately, there are affordable security measures that can help reduce those risks.

Opting for EAS security tags can ultimately work to protect your profit margins on two levels. The first is the alarm system. You simply apply the tags on the most popular items that shoplifters tend to target. Then you have checkpoint antennas installed at each of your store entrances / exits. The antenna alarm system will sound if someone attempts to leave your store without paying for a product that has been tagged.

The other side of the equation is that simply seeing the antenna system and security tags on items around the store can effectively detour would-be thieves. Knowing that you already have tools in place to prevent shoplifting will definitely make someone think twice before attempting to take anything—even those products that can be the most tempting.

What Do Shoplifters Go After Most Often?

For organized retail crime, the typical priority is to take high-ticket items that will have a high resale value. But of course, people will shoplift for all kinds of reasons. They might keep those items for their own personal use, rather than turn around and sell them for a profit.

The list of the most popular items that are shoplifted is pretty varied. The Global Retail Theft Barometer notes that easy-to-sell products also tend to be the easiest to steal:

  • Apparel and Fashion – Footwear, sports clothing, perfumes, and sunglasses
  • Electronics – Mobile device accessories and batteries
  • Movies, Music, and Video Games
  • Food and Beverage – Wines and spirits, fresh meat, coffee, and baby formula
  • Health and Beauty – Makeup products, OTC drugs, and razor blades

EAS Security Labels vs Hard Tags

Business owners need to protect both small and large items against retail theft, and EAS security tags help make that job easier. These solutions fall into two different categories, known as “soft tags” and “hard tags.”

Soft tags are adhesive labels. They’re great for smaller items. Retailers can use aggressive adhesives to stick to the packaging around electronics or shoe boxes, for example. These tags are discrete and will quickly set off the security alarm if someone leaves the store without paying for the product, and yet they’re also easy to deactivate at checkout.

Hard tags are wrapped around items. Other than locked cabinets, these are generally known to be the best security option. Because hard tags are easily recognizable, they’re a great theft-deterrent for more expensive items. But no matter which type of solution you need, our company can help get you set up with the best alarm and deactivation system to keep your products safe!

Retail Security Systems for Idaho Store Owners

Enhanced Telecommunications and Data installs EAS antenna systems for retail locations all throughout Idaho. Not only that, our team can also set up new video surveillance systems too. Combining different solutions can really maximize your security efforts and help your business remain profitable year-round.

Obviously losing a big-ticket product to shoplifting will hit your bottom line. But even retail shrinkage on your lower-priced items can adversely affect your company’s growth when it happens often enough.

If your retail location is due for a security overhaul, we can help! Scheduling a site visit will help us pinpoint the vulnerable areas of your store. Then we’ll be able to find a cost-effective solution to help you protect your inventory for good! Please don’t hesitate to send us a message to learn more.

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