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On December 7th, 2021

Make the Most of Your Company’s Automated Attendant


Just about any major company or brand has an automated attendant system in place. So we’re all familiar with the process on the “caller” end of things. But in terms of adding an auto attendant to your own company’s phone system, the options and best use practices aren’t always clear. There are basically endless opportunities. So how do you narrow down the functions to get the best experience for your own operations?

Great Customer Service Starts with Communication

The whole goal of effective customer service is to treat others with care and respect. That means starting each and every conversation with a friendly greeting before moving forward to answer their questions. Phone calls are often that first step. Unfortunately, they can also become time-consuming.

As a business, it's important to help your staff members stay productive while on the clock. And if they happen to be tied up addressing common concerns or questions, their availability for other assignments can drop dramatically. That’s where an automated attendant comes into play.

The main goal here is to boost efficiency. If you regularly have callers reaching out to your company for basic inquiries, such as your business hours, just let the auto-attendant kick things off. When set up correctly, you’ll free up the bandwidth for everyone in the company. Moreover, the process can be more convenient for your customers and clients too. They need answers, but that doesn’t always mean they need to speak with a live person!

The Best Ways to Use the Auto Attendant Function

Every business will have their own approach for developing their automated attendant. But there are still some basic ground rules that will apply to any script you create and how you develop a proper flowchart for your callers. What’s the typical progression of a live conversation? A truly effective automated script needs to feel natural and logical. Start with a concise and simple greeting, and then brainstorm your options with those “next steps” for your calls. There tend to be five key things that companies will want to keep in mind while developing this content:

  • Start the recording with your top FAQs
  • Break the main menu into clear categories
  • Only share more specific options after that first selection
  • Consider a dial-by-name directory to search for employee extensions
  • Provide up-to-date information with consistent reviews / revisions

You’ll want your entire script to be as short and sweet as possible. It should also reflect your company. Think about whether the automated attendant has the right tone for your brand. If it’s missing the mark, you might want to use a professional voice recording instead.

Ready to Upgrade Your Business Telephone Systems?

Automatically routing calls is an easy way to streamline your operations. It also tends to be more convenient for your callers because they won’t have to explain their situation multiple times—once to a live operator and then another time to the appropriate party.

The auto attendant can give them choices for speaking to your customer service desk, sales department, or even to browse your team directory to connect directly with the person they’re trying to reach. There are plenty of use cases, so it’s just a matter of deciding on what makes the most sense for you!

If you’re ready to upgrade your business phones with an automated attendant, know that Enhanced Telecommunications and Data is here to help! We proudly partner with companies of all sizes and across all industries. Just send us a message, and then we’ll find a time to talk!

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