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On August 12th, 2021

Top 5 Allworx Business Phone Solutions—Which One Is Best for You?


In the world of business telecommunications, the “one size fits all” solution simply doesn’t exist. There are too many factors in play and every company is different. Your business phones need to complement the way you work. But how will you know that you’ve found the right system?

5 Business Communication Problems—and the Best Allworx Solutions

Enhanced Telecommunications is here to help our clients solve all types of telecommunication challenges. And that’s why we partner with Allworx! They have systems for companies of all sizes and across just about any industry.

1. Taking Calls Out of the Office

Solution: Allworx Reach

You don’t have to limit your availability for taking phone calls. Allworx Reach gives you the option to use your smartphone instead of the office phone at your desk. Then you can have work-related phone calls while you're on-the-go. This telecomm solution is great for sales professionals or “road ninjas” who want to be reached whenever, wherever. It also protects your personal cell number, so it’s particularly useful for legal professionals and people working in healthcare too.

2. Business Phones Don’t Integrate with Your Desktop

Solution: Allworx Interact Professional

If your company relies on a CRM tool to keep things on track, then it’s really helpful to have a phone system that can pull up all of that information for you with every call. That’s why customer service teams and receptionists really appreciate the Allworx Interact Professional solution. It can seamlessly work with different third-party apps that you might already be using.

3. Difficulty Managing Your Call Center Queues

Solution: Allworx Automatic Call Distribution

This Allworx solution gives teams four different options for their call distribution process. You can choose from a linear priority with a set staff list, round-robin for distributing calls in a circle pattern, longest idle to tap agents based on their own wait time, or ring all, which alerts all of the agents in a single queue. Supervisors even have the ability to support team members with the “whisper” mode. They can also use the “barge in” function when they need to redirect a conversation, or turn on the “silent monitor” for performance reviews.

4. Expensive Telecommunication Costs

Solution: Allworx Advanced Multi-Site

Companies that don’t work in a single, centralized location can usually get some nice savings with the Allworx Advanced Multi-Site system. This platform makes your telecommunication needs more affordable because it can connect up to 100 locations and 2,000 extensions with one VoIP solution. It’s super scalable, and it's easy to share receptionists or customer service reps across all of your locations.

5. Not Having Data to Improve Your Process

Solution: Allworx View

Most call centers can also benefit from Allworx View. This solution lets you check the metrics for every queue and agent, which helps teams gain new insights for staffing needs. The data can also be filtered by geographical regions or time periods. These are great functions for organizations running ad campaigns. You can get hard numbers on the inbound call volume, and then start figuring out trends to help inform company decisions down the line!

Allworx Business Phones with Enhanced Telecommunications

Streamlining your company’s telecomm systems can help you save money. Plus, creating an easier workflow along the way can help lower stress for everyone on your team. After all, technology is supposed to make our lives easier, not add to the confusion.

We proudly partner with Allworx because their systems can meet the most important needs for organizations today. But it also comes down to customization. Your solution needs to improve how you work, and in order to figure out which systems will be best for your team, we need to schedule a consultation! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more. We’re here to help!

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