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On April 26th, 2021

Why Our Company is an Allworx Business Phone Partner


As a locally-owned telecommunications company, we pay a lot of attention to delivering the best possible solutions to each of our clients. And when it comes to business phones, we strive to bring both expertise and quality products to the table. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with Allworx. Their technology offers a wide range of hardware and software. We love being able to customize those options to create your perfect system!

3 Reasons to Choose Allworx Business Phone Solutions

We could sell and install just about any type of business phone system. We’ve specifically chosen Allworx, though, because their solutions truly go above and beyond. Here, we’ll recap a few of the reasons why Enhanced Telecommunications has been a proud Allworx partner for many years, and counting.

1. The Latest Softphone Technology

Allworx announced its new Interact Softphone in June 2020. Teams love this solution because it gives remote workers the option to use their laptop from anywhere. All they need is an internet connection. Then it basically works just like their regular office phone setup.

The Interact Softphone is a smart upgrade for companies that are already using the Allworx VoIP solutions for their phone calls. It complements your process with Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and other convenient communications features, such as on-demand call recording, do not disturb notifications, quick call transfers, and more.

2. Scalable Call Center Options

Different sites require different methods to manage busy days. Distributing customer calls in a fluid way is a crucial part of helping everyone stay on task and keep satisfaction high. Once again, we think Allworx has a great solution.

Their 4-style system for Automatic Call Distribution lets you customize your process for maximum efficiency. It also gives your team the option to fine-tune the call queue with welcome greetings and status updates. Plus, supervisors get user-friendly software to better monitor their agents’ calls. It’s all a matter of selecting whichever features elevate the way you work.

3. Custom Software Upgrades

Another reason why it’s been great to partner with Allworx is because they have loads of options for software add-ons. Some popular features are the Allworx Dual Language Support, which creates voice prompts in other languages, as well as the Allworx View function for reviewing call reports and special tracking details. These upgrades also include simple ways to connect with remote team members, take calls on your smartphone, and organize conference calls too!

Enhanced Telecommunications—Your Allworx Partner

We know that it can be difficult to narrow down the choices for your business phones and other telecommunications solutions. But with our trusted partnerships, we like to think we’ve already done the tough research for you.

There should never be a reason why you would second-guess your decision. We’re always ready to talk you through the different systems and help you understand all of the possibilities with your new communications systems. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts at Enhanced Telecommunications and Data. It’s easy to send us a message. Then we’ll be in touch!

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